Anthropological photographer Cebe Loomis ventures to Cuba to explore the complications of the island’s devout nationalism.

Enter Timber!’s weird woodland world of lumberjacks and liquor-stealing racoons on the Boot Beer Tour to celebrate the launch of the Fall 2014 Element x Timber! collection.

Australian singer-songwriter celebrates the tape in the run up to Cassette Store Day this Saturday, September 27.

Independent magazines Pylot, We Are Here and Huck discuss their radically original approach to photography.

Award-winning beer, hand-brewed and bottled in Penryn.

Huck's annual Documentary Photography Special springs to life as an intimate group show in London, Sept 16 - 26, celebrating the personal stories of the people behind the lens.

Huck heads to Long Beach, CA, to check out skater Al Partanen's vinyl collection.

Huck follows veteran street photographer Harold Feinstein as he shoots and reflects in his fairground hometown.

Artist and skater Ed Templeton talks about exploring his suburban world through art and his first steps into painting.

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South London’s gravel-voiced King Krule – aka Archy Marshall – has teamed up with Mistr Gone – aka brother Jack – to produce an immersive multi-media show encompassing poetry, art, soundscapes and live performances at Display Gallery, London, Sept 5-27.

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Writer, filmmaker and endless innovator Miranda July has teamed up with Miu Miu to create Somebody , a new messaging app that invites random strangers to deliver text messages face-to-face on your behalf.

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Photographer Glen E. Friedman sits down with old bud Ian MacKaye at Dischord House just outside Washington DC to swap stories brought to mind by his new book, My Rules.


La Virreina Image Centre in Barcelona has an amazing Martin Parr exhibition featuring his documentary work on West Yorkshire mill towns in the mid-1970s. Stunning stills of British working-class life.


Our sister magazine Little White Lies releases its first book later this year featuring extracts from interviews with fifty of the film world’s brightest stars, with subjects including legendary directors alongside A-list icons.