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Ed Templeton’s tips for overcoming fear as a self-taught photographer


Ed Templeton’s daily ritual goes a little something like this: wander around Huntington Beach, home of the beach-bum and Californian cliche, and point a lens at everyday scenes that are by turns comical, mundane or absurd. Teenage lovers, selfie-stick shooters, dogs that skateboard better than their humans: these walking billboards of Americana are his daily… Read more »

Huck x I.P.F Present: Deadbeat Club – Zineophobia

Deanna Templeton

From the storied streets of Southern California comes Deadbeat Club, a rag-tag group of co-conspirators documenting life on the verge. Join Huck and I.P.F at 71a Gallery for Zineophobia, the collective’s first-ever UK show, and immerse yourself in the salt-water scenes and suburban dreams of California’s burning edge. DEADBEAT CLUB: ZINEOPHOBIA Featuring new and original work from photographers:… Read more »

The Interrogation of Kim Gordon


Kim Gordon has never had much of an appetite for convention. And that goes for the faux niceties of the PR game, too. From the moment she was pigeonholed as ‘the girl in the band’ – aka the driving force behind Sonic Youth’s enduring cult status – her patience for poor questions has wavered from… Read more »

The Frankenstein bikes taking over the streets of Britain

george 001

Bike culture’s ongoing and colourful resurgence is a constant source of inspiration – and awe – for communities around the globe. From the Fixie fiends who ruled the mid-noughties, to moustachioed Bike Polo teams; from devout road racers to couriers-turned-champs, the humble bike has lived a thousand different lives since it’s birth in 1917. But… Read more »

The dumpster-divers leading a zero-waste life in the age of mass consumption


For most people, the first things that spring to mind when they think of searching through dumpsters or wading through junkyards are homelessness, desperation and disgust. But for those who engage in a scavenger subculture, wordplay takes a very different form: opportunity, art, resourcefulness, community and waste reduction are just some of the positive images… Read more »