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Down in the dub: Wu-Lu shares his musical memories

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Last month, south London producer Wu-Lu released his second EP, N.A.I.S. (Not As It Seems) – a smooth selection of off-kilter trip-hop and melancholy melodies. It’s a distinct sound that the multi-instrumentalist has spent years cultivating, with his huge range of influences – a combination of jazz, soul and modern-day club culture – a testament to… Read more »

Inside one of America’s most notorious prisons


At 7,300 hectares, the Louisiana State Penitentiary – the largest maximum-security prison in the United States – is home to 6,300 prisoners. The inmates are forced to work the land under the 13th Amendment of the constitution, which legalises slavery in the case of incarceration. The penitentiary is one of the most prominent examples of… Read more »

Challenging the media’s portrayal of Asian women

Breakfast by Pixi Liao

Challenging the expectations at the intersection of race, gender and sexuality, Disobedient Daughters is an all-female group exhibition opening this week at Metro Arts, in Brisbane. The show, which runs until April 21, aims to defy the stereotypes still dominating the (mis)representation of Asian women in mainstream media. Chinese-born Australian curator Sophia Cai has put… Read more »

Meet the wild climbers of the North York Moors


Every weekend, and on evenings when the light and weather permit, 26-year-old Franco Cookson heads out into the wilds of the North York Moors. He’s a climber, and it’s an obsession. Repeating one move hundreds of times, shedding a stone in two weeks, and falling 20 metres onto rocky ground – all necessary steps in… Read more »

The story behind the year’s most powerful LGBTQ film


Drawing on his personal experiences with Paris’s ACT UP pressure group, Robin Campillo’s 120 BPM is a rousing, heart-breaking celebration of queer activism. Set in the height of France’s 1990s AIDS epidemic, the film follows introspective, HIV-negative Nathan as he gradually gets pulled deeper into the group’s agitating political demonstrations. An intimate and deeply moving… Read more »

Hinds: ‘We didn’t even know what sexism was’

Neelam Khan Vela

Hinds’ Carlotta Cosials and Ade Martin are sitting in the centre of an empty backstage room below Sala Apolo, one of Barcelona’s most important music venues. In a few hours, they – along with bandmates Ana Perrote and Amber Grimbergen  – will be headlining their first show of a sold-out run through Spain. Having just finished… Read more »

Portraits of Berlin’s queer punks and skinheads


German photographer Christian Vagt first moved to Berlin in the late ’80s, when he was just 18 years old. In 1991, shortly after he arrived, he started photographing squatters in the East of the city, shooting a series of gritty, authentic and highly intimate portraits. “We started squatting because the Wall came down,” Vagt says of… Read more »

Surf scores: Soundtracking the waves with CJ Mirra


For the latest Monday Mix, CJ Mirra stirs up the spirit of the surf with a selection of atmospheric classical and ambient tracks. The London-based musician is known for his lo-fi, ethereal soundtracks, which he composes specifically for surf films. His music, which combines cinematic guitar with orchestral, neo-classical compositions, transports listeners around the world; taking… Read more »

Trans refugees are struggling to survive in Greece

A., 24, a trans woman from the Middle East (who asked not to have her nationality revealed for security reasons), is getting ready to meet some friends at a bar in Athens, Greece. August 6, 2017

As the afternoon light pierces through the blinds and into the gloomy darkness of the bedroom, Y., a 28-year-old transgender refugee from Morocco, sits on a bed playing games on her friend’s phone. The others watch TV, smoking cigarettes relentlessly. Y., whose name has been withheld for safety reasons, looks almost angelic. But there’s a… Read more »