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Blue Planet director shares his tips on shooting nature

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At the tail end of last year, Blue Planet hit the UK’s screens for its second season. The groundbreaking, lavishly-shot documentary series swiftly became the country’s most-watched TV show in 2017 – serving up gripping wildlife sequences and unseen footage from our ocean’s darkest corners. Much of this was thanks to the team, as well… Read more »

Vintage ’80s Polaroids of Amsterdam’s barflies

8. Ricky and Gigi at the transvestite bar Mdm Arthur

In spring 1979, Bettie Ringma and Marc H. Miller moved from New York’s Lower East Side to Amsterdam. The newly arrived couple had already become known on New York’s downtown art scene, taking “Paparazzi Self-Portraits” with the new Polaroid SX-70 instamatic camera, and giving the world a taste for instant gratification. In search of a… Read more »

It’s time to talk about how Britain treats its homeless


It’s early in 2018, yet it seems one trend is already taking hold in Windsor: the bold return of feudalism. Any wedding involves mind-melding amounts of preparation, but only a royal wedding could demand the clearing of homeless people from the streets to avoid the glances of the massed crowds landing on a huddled rough sleeper…. Read more »

A trip around the Mississippi Delta, birthplace of the blues


Formed over thousands of years of river flooding, the Mississippi Delta is an alluvial plain filled with dense, swampy jungles of cane, gum, and cypress. Early imperialists recognised the value of the land and began to clear it, draining the swamps, razing the forests, and building communities using slave labour. Today, the region is one… Read more »

Inside a juvenile delinquent facility for girls


When we think of juvenile delinquency, we usually imagine teenage boys taking out their rage on the world. But what of the girls who have turned to crime: the teen who stabs her father to death? The thief, the prostitute, or the burglar? Hungarian photographer Lilla Szasz sought them out for her series, Daughters, a… Read more »

Huck’s favourite skate stories of 2017


Be it through unearthing how a drab, old London shopping centre has become a haven for the city’s young skaters, or the whirlwind ten minutes we spent with seminal Z-Boy Tony Alva, we’ve had a lot fun this year covering all things skate. So, just in case you missed any of them the first time… Read more »

Finding peace in the shadows of Mount Fuji


I woke up at six am Tuesday morning and opened the blinds of my hotel room at the Hoshinoya Resort to let in the morning light. There, filling the window, sat Mount Fuji. It was over 30km away, but its presence was immense, confident, and godlike. One of our guides had suggested that maybe Fuji… Read more »

Huck’s most popular photo stories of 2017


It’s been a good year for photography on Huck. From the big names to breakout talent, local stories to international reportage, we’ve been lucky enough to exhibit heaps of wonderful work – concluding, fittingly, with Rule-Breakers, the latest of our annual documentary photo specials. So, as 2017 draws out, we’ve collated the stories that you… Read more »