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Eight decades worth of protest art comes to New York

He Kills Me, 1987, Donald Moffett. Courtesy the Whitney.

A new exhibition on the history of protest art has opened at New York’s Whitney Museum this week. The immaculately-timed show, titled An Incomplete History of Protest, comes one week after the controversial Charlottesville protests, which saw an anti-fascist protester lose her life at the hands of a ‘neo-Nazi’ high school student. The situation was made worse when President… Read more »

The bleak beauty of England’s forgotten towns

JS Book 33

“The rough, uncared-for woodlands that cluster around the built-up residential areas and council estates of post-war Britain are places where dreams and reality are intertwined,” writes academic David Chandler in the opening pages of John Spinks’ latest book, The New Village. “They are places of escape, of refuge, and of remnants, where the fears and frustrations… Read more »

The all-women collectives revolutionising the music industry

Courtesy OMNII

You don’t have to scrutinise the banana-yellow Reading and Leeds posters to realise how tokenised female musicians are. They always appear right at the bottom of the bill, in the fine print. Festival directors don’t feel women are being marginalised, which results in a lineup of 85 per cent all-male bands. To counter these misconceptions, several… Read more »

New London exhibition steps inside the city’s skate scene

17920032 (1)

A new exhibition centred on the London skate scene is set to open in Deptford this week. The show, titled Winner, aims to celebrate skateboarding’s ongoing love affair with DIY art and visual culture. It will include work from 11 local photographers, chosen for their passion and prominence on the local scene. The exhibition was… Read more »

Solange announces new art show in Marfa


Solange has announced that she will be performing a new, site-specific art piece this October. The project, titled ‘Scales’, will be held in Marfa, Texas, in the same field as the famed Donald Judd installation ‘15 Untitled Works in Concrete’. The singer shared the news in an Instagram post yesterday evening. In the caption, she… Read more »

Meet the artist bringing queer culture to skateboarding


Unity Skateboarding is difficult to define. The company, started by artist Jeffrey Cheung, does a little bit of everything – publishing zines, designing boards, and hosting regular skater meet-ups. It even has its own ‘creative space’ in Oakland, which comes complete with a radio station, print studio, zine store and community workshop programme. As a… Read more »

How streetwear is uniting the community in Charlottesville


The timeline of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia has now been widely circulated. On Friday August 11, the so-called ‘alt right’ descended on Charlottesville for a ‘Unite the Right’ rally. They were protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate icon General Robert E Lee, an outright monument to white supremacy. The rally, organised by… Read more »

Raving with Myanmar’s punks, emos and metalheads


For one day a year in Myanmar, the country’s government allows its nation’s youth to take part in the ancient Thingyan Spirit Water Festival. The ritual sees mass gatherings throughout the region, where people are allowed to express their individuality, identity and freedom.  To provide some context, there are no nightclubs or public parties normally allowed… Read more »

Are left-wing sexists really worse than right?


Imagine being the worst – the actual worst – sexist. It would take some doing; some real commitment, a not insubstantial dash of chutzpah. On Saturday, at the Edinburgh Book Festival, the Labour MP Jess Phillips claimed that “well-meaning Left-wing men” are “the actual worst sexists”, as opposed to the “out and out sexists” of… Read more »