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How we experience love, sex & intimacy in the modern age

tech dating

When my fiancé and I finally ended our relationship, it was a long time before I experienced intimacy again. The period preceding the breakup had hardly been full of warmth or closeness either, as you’d expect, but this was final. I already worked alone: now, single again, I lived alone too. It wasn’t until I… Read more »

How to build an entire music empire from scratch


Alex Studer was working in a car auction house when he decided to set up the independent label Stolen Body Records. Tired of the early starts and late nights, the then 26-year-old thought it was time to think about where his life was headed. Having been in multiple bands, the idea of starting a record… Read more »

A visual trip through Athens’ thriving techno scene


In the online world of underground techno, attentive ears will have noticed a development in solid releases coming out of Athens over the past few years, exploring darker, more experimental sounds like EBM, acid house and industrial. While Greece is no newbie in the international techno and house communities, the 2010’s marked the beginning of… Read more »

The club uniting lonely Londoners through swimming


“Swimming is really boring!” exclaims Nathaniel Cole, co-founder of Swim Dem Crew, when I ask him why he set up the club. If the answer is different to what you would expect from someone who organises twice weekly swimming sessions for a revolving group of around 30 people, welcome to Swim Dem –Together with Peigh Asante,… Read more »

The filmmaker skewering the West’s obsession with money

Generation Wealth - Still 4

Lauren Greenfield understands the power of privilege. The Boston-born, Harvard educated daughter of two Harvard graduates is one of contemporary photography’s most in-demand talents. For the past quarter of a century, Greenfield has been meticulously documenting the lives of the super-rich – and those who aspire to be so. Her vivid images of plastic-surgery-hungry single… Read more »

Inside Diamantino, this year’s strangest political satire


Diamantino is the debut feature from Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, a Portuguese-American double-act, previously best-known for their experimental queer shorts. The film’s world premiere, taking place in the Critics’ Week strand of the Cannes Film Festival, marked a colossal expansion into wider public consciousness. This big-hearted depiction of a star footballer – the titular… Read more »

Berlin’s clubbers get political for anti-Nazi protest


An estimated 70,000 people took to the streets of Berlin on Sunday to oppose a rally organised by the AfD (“Alternativ für Deutschland”), Germany’s far-right party, which itself attracted almost 4,000 people. In incredible scenes, over 170 clubs, event groups and cultural institutions joined forces to organise a huge counter-protest headlined as “Kein Dancefloor für… Read more »

A surreal look at the human cost of conflict


“The finest role I can take on is that of an eyewitness,” writes Grarup in his book And Then There Was Silence. “He, who ventures out to meet people where they live, be it on the run or in the midst of war, conflict or catastrophe. Someone who tells their stories and give them a… Read more »

Portraits from Ireland’s seismic abortion referendum


On Saturday morning, emotions inside the Dublin Count Centre reached an adrenaline-fuelled fever pitch. As groups of Repeal the Eighth campaigners exulted in each new ‘Yes’ poll result, people began to move to quiet corners, in tears and overcome by disbelief. The more emotional were reassured by friends or fellow campaigners, who were all uttering… Read more »

The Bikelife pioneer changing London from the streets up


Three thousand teenage boys have brought this corner of North-West London to a standstill. Wearing hoodies, tracksuits and rucksacks, they’ve congregated on a road in Ladbroke Grove with their mountain bikes. One of the elders, a tall guy with his hood up, raises his arm to the sky. The sprawling crowd follows suit, lowering their… Read more »

How women radicalised the world of self-publishing

1. PRINT! Compilation image

Female-founded, independent alternative magazines have been disrupting and adding to UK society for decades. In celebration of this, the likes of Spare Rib, gal-dem, Mushpit, Sabat, Fruitlands, ROMP, Riposte, Hotdog, Ladybeard, Burnt Roti, Orlando, and Beauty Papers are all being celebrated in an upcoming show in London – Print! Tearing it Up – alongside other radical publications… Read more »