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Viewing sexual subcultures through a sociological lens

Tif Robinette (1)

Buttholes, drag icons and phallic sculptures: just a few things to expect from Phile’s second issue, the biannual journal investigating sexual subcultures, trends and communities. The brainchild of Co Editor-in-Chief Erin Reznick and Mike Feswick, Phile – also billed as the ‘International Journal of Desire and Curiosity’ – is a reflection of the duo’s long-held interest… Read more »

Frankie Cosmos share their guide to New York City


Frankie Cosmos began in 2014 as the musical alter-ego of Greta Kline. Since then, the moniker has morphed from representing a solo persona to a fully-fledged four-piece. The associated sound has changed too – once a wagon for Kline’s lo-fi bedroom pop, Frankie Cosmos is now polished up, becoming more sophisticated and spirited with each… Read more »

Documenting Chicago club culture in the ’70s

© Michael Abramson, Courtesy of MMX Gallery. 064

A new exhibition at London’s MMX Gallery will celebrate the work of late American photographer Michael Abramson. The show, which opens on Wednesday (March 21), will focus specifically on his shots of Chicago nightlife in the ’70s – a collection which saw him capture the city’s underground funk, blues and early disco scene. Most of… Read more »

The myth and mystery of the American South

Ashcom Untitled #3

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” American writer William Faulkner wrote in the 1951 novel, Requiem for a Nun, recognising the long shadows that hang over us. A Mississippi native and Nobel Prize laureate, Faulkner’s words speak a profound truth about the American South, a land shrouded in myth and mystery, where illusion… Read more »

Post-punk funk: Crack Cloud share their world of sound


Crack Cloud first burst onto Calgary’s post-punk scene in May 2016, releasing a self-titled EP that masterfully mixed genres, sounds and twisted visual aesthetics. In 2017, that was joined by Anchoring Point – a punchy, lurching second outing that had critics and fans urging for a full-length follow-up. The group – who are officially known as a “multimedia… Read more »

Ed Templeton explores the evolution of the Mohawk


In his new book, Hairdos of Defiance, cult photographer Ed Templeton pays tribute to the Mohawk. The publication, which is packed full of images and an accompanying essay, examines the history of the iconic punk hairstyle – from its indigenous origins to its emergence as a punk symbol, to its eventual co-option by the mainstream…. Read more »

The Tories are playing a dangerous game with Russia


It’s difficult to pinpoint precisely when the political news cycle slipped from a broadly stable drama to an outlandish melding of farcical comedy and sheer horror: perhaps with the advent of the rumours about David Cameron’s carnal history with a decapitated pig. The news carnival was firmly embedded in 2016, as the media and most… Read more »

U.S. students stage nationwide walkout over gun violence


This week, thousands of students across the U.S. walked out of their classrooms in a nationwide protest against gun violence. The demonstration, which took place yesterday (Wednesday March 14), was an impassioned response to the recent mass shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school – now the deadliest high school shooting in the country’s history…. Read more »

Coming of age in the Irish Traveller community


British photographer Perry Ogden has spent much of his career documenting the forgotten faces of Ireland’s Traveller communities. In 1999, he released the critically acclaimed Pony Kids – a book of black and white portraits examining poverty-stricken teenagers and their pet horses in Dublin. This was followed by an award-winning documentary called Pavee Lackeen (The Traveller Girl) – directed… Read more »

English lessons aren’t enough to fix our fractured society


Sajid Javid has said he wants to spend £50m in order to fund courses to help immigrants learn English. He says that this measure will help boost integration and bring to an end the marginalisation of women in immigrant communities. Superficially, the funding and aims seem like a broadly positive step – a rare occurrence… Read more »