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Tracing the lost history of post-Soviet Kazakhstan


For Dieter Seitz, Kazakhstan has always been a land of mystery. The Berlin-born photographer has been travelling to the former Soviet republic for nearly a decade now, staying and shooting there for weeks at a time. The main draw, he claims, is the country’s lost identity. Kazakhstan is filled with contradictions, and Seitz is keen to capture… Read more »

The sci-fi shorts imagining our cities of the future

5 wading in the water 1

In a world that appears more chaotic and unpredictable with each passing day, a new collection of sci-fi shorts is pondering how our communities and environment will appear 80 years from now – and what kind of role humans will take in shaping them. The project, titled 2097: We Made Ourselves Over, encompasses a series… Read more »

The new show celebrating female body positivity


A new show celebrating the diversity of female-identifying bodies is coming to LA’s Subliminal Projects gallery this week. The photography-led exhibition, titled #Girlgaze Uncensored, aims to celebrate the “beautiful imperfections” of all women – particularly those who have been marginalised by society in some way. “This uncensored experience will advance the conversation around the beauty of imperfection,”… Read more »

Shooting the Swiss teen rebels of the 1950s


Before his death in 2006, Karlheinz Weinberger was little known. The Swiss photographer had spent most of his life working at Siemens plant in Zurich, only pausing briefly to shoot on his breaks, evenings and weekends. For him, his real life – the one where he got to indulge in his passion for photography – started… Read more »

The haunting true story of a sex trafficking survivor

Nina Berman Miss Wish promo4

Nina Berman first encountered Kim Stevens – then known as Cathy Wish – in 1990, while walking through the streets of London. At the time, Stevens was sleeping rough in the capital. She had been involved with child pornography while growing up, survived years of sex trafficking, and was struggling with trauma-induced drug addiction. Despite… Read more »

Spending a year undercover with the Alt-Right

Courtesy Hope Not Hate

At times during his year-long infiltration of alt-right groups across Europe and the United States, 25-year-old Swedish graduate student Patrik Hermansson was scared for his safety. In the US, he says, neo-Nazi groups were armed, and they didn’t mind talking about the “quite gruesome” things they’d do if they came across an antifascist. Above all,… Read more »

As NFL players take the knee, English football remains colourblind


Donald Trump has inadvertently forced the NFL’s big guns to acknowledge peaceful protests. On Friday, the President called for “son of a bitch” black athletes who take a knee during pre-match performances of “Star-Spangled Banner” to be fired by their teams. Two days later, more than 200 players knelt before their games – up from… Read more »

Radical art show exploring sex and gender opens in New York


A major new exhibition exploring gender’s place in contemporary culture is opening at New York’s New Museum this week. The show, titled Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon, celebrates radical artists who are looking beyond the binary and adopting “more fluid and inclusive expressions” of identity. More than 40 artists working across film, video, performance,… Read more »

Revelling in nature with Europe’s naked hikers


For the last few years, Roshan Adhihetty has been travelling across Europe with a group of naked men and women. Hoping to capture a little-seen side of a little-known world, the Swiss photographer joined the hikers’ journey as an observer, following them through the verdant pastures of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The project eventually turned… Read more »

Coming of age in Paris as a young black woman

Corinne Kyoto-Sy kissing her son, Kesyah,  during New Years' Eve in Bondy, in the northern suburbs of Paris From the series ‘First Generation’ © Carolina Arantes

First Generation is a project about post-immigration identity. Between 1975 and 1980, there was a high level of family reunification immigration from Africa to France. The first generation of women born in France from this wave are now coming of age, and they’re the ones who I wanted to set out and capture. I started this project… Read more »

Dolls, women and protest: Why we still need feminist art

LS 94_The Love Doll_Day 29_Nude With Dog_2011

Pictures of women exist everywhere. In art galleries, public phone booths, Instagram feeds, pornographic websites, fashion blogs, magazines and advertisements on buses – the exposure of women’s bodies dominates some of the world’s most visible and highest-grossing industries. This has made understanding images of women’s bodies confusing. Who are more important – the women in… Read more »