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A tribute to South Australia’s west coast – a surf paradise


Much of the countryside on the South Australian west coast is desolate and remote. 800 kilometres from Adelaide, it nears the last frontier of civilisation, before entering the Great Australian Bight. For hundreds of years, this coastline has been home only to farmers and travellers. It’s not until recent years, upon discovery of the number of world-class… Read more »

Photos that defy the visual clichés of Indian life


Through the eyes of Western photographers, India has been reduced to a visual cliché: a place of profound poverty and magical mysticism, brilliant colour and heartbreaking pain. Invariably these innate biases go beyond the frame, and it becomes clear that outsiders fail to understand the character of the nation they are so profoundly drawn to… Read more »

What we learnt from this year’s Cannes Film Festival


Unlike at more sprawling festivals (like Berlin or London), the main screenings at Cannes happen along a single stretch of coastally-situated road, the Boulevard De La Croisette. The Palais des Festivals is the hub of the hub. If you’ve seen any glitzy red carpet photos across the years, they will have been taken outside this… Read more »

Jenny Wilson on revenge, trauma and survival


It’s not often that we hear artists make electronic music fuelled by necessity rather than inspiration. However, with Jenny Wilson’s fifth solo album, EXORCISM, which openly addresses her experience of sexual assault, as well as the trauma that followed, that was definitely the case. In the making for the better part of a year, EXORCISM was the Swedish… Read more »

Inside the teen trans ballerina film that rocked Cannes


The 26-year-old Belgian director Lukas Dhont has been living with Girl since 2009 when he first read the story of Nora: a girl born in the body of a boy, but still pursuing the ambition of being a ballerina. Moved on a personal level, he entered into communication with Nora, and has been working up his observationally-rich debut… Read more »

Images that reveal the untold stories of South Caucasus

Ilkin Huseynov

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for over a decade,” says Chai Khana founder Caroline Sutcliffe, and curator of new exhibition Shared Waters. The idea behind the show was to bring together three photographers from each of the South Caucasus nations – Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia – to create work based around the region’s… Read more »

The strange story of France’s abandoned skate utopia


Driving the 20km stretch from Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort to Anduze, you wouldn’t guess the surrounding garigue – a dry shrubland typical to the south of France – was once home to the country’s most unique skateboarding spot. Back in the ’90s, Gabriel Leuret bought one of these hills to build his own skate utopia. Known as ‘Rooler… Read more »

Art, social justice & activism: Dispatches from Cannes 2018


Social critiques are the unifying factor in this dispatch. From lesbians in Madrid, to pregnancy outside of marriage in Casablanca, to being black in white America, the following three films are reminders (as if we needed them) that societies too often unfold along inhumane lines. While – to quote Jenny Holzer – “abuse of power… Read more »

Tracing Susan Meiselas’ journey through photography

Susan Meiselas / Magnum Photos

For more than 40 years, American photographer Susan Meiselas has grounded her work in the idea of place. Whether working on the front lines of civil war in Nicaragua or backstage with carnival strippers in New England, Meiselas is fully present in the moment, seeing not just the surface of things but that which lies… Read more »

The changing face of Georgia, captured in photos

Terror Incognita

Daro Sulakauri was born in the Caucasus nation of Georgia in 1985. After spending part of her childhood in the US, she returned to Georgia and discovered photography. Shortly after, things began heating up in Tbilisi, and political demonstrations started to take place just outside her family home in the centre of the city. Today,… Read more »

Photos that capture Jewish life in ’70s New York

Mr. Katz and Meryl sitting outside his apartment house NY, NY May 1985

100 years ago, New York’s Lower East Side (LES) was the pre-eminent melting pot – a mixture of old and new immigrants leaving Europe en masse, creating a singular blend of Ashkenazi Jews, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Poles, and Romanians. With some 400,000 Jews living in the hood, the Ashkenazi made up… Read more »