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Shaun Tomson at 71a


South African-born Shaun Tomson has lived a long and storied life, kicking off in the 1970s as the trailblazing face of the ‘Free Ride Generation’, a renegade crew of Antipodean surfers who helped legitimate surfing as a professional sport. In 2006, Tomson’s life took a tragic turn when his fifteen-year-old son Matthew accidentally died playing… Read more »

Huck 43 – Street Photography with Boogie


In Huck 43, we wander London with street photographer Boogie and steal a peek through his gritty lens on life. Born in Belgrade, and made in New York City, Boogie has found his way into the darkest corners of society – from gang haunts in Kingston to crack dens in Bed-Stuy – amassing an archive… Read more »

My Life In Analogue


To mark the release of The Documentary Photography Issue, we’ve teamed up with Lomography – purveyors of the finest, funnest point-n-shoot film cameras – for a month-long celebration of analogue stills. In an age of digital overload, fuelled by selfies snapped on smartphones and instantly Instagrammed lives, there’s something strangely cathartic about the time it… Read more »

Mike Belleme


Mike Belleme is a documentary photographer from North Carolina who’s not afraid to blur the boundaries between the observer and the observed. Having come up in a skateboarding community that’s steadfastly ‘DIY-or-die’, where foundation spots are still built with bare knuckles for the benefit of all, Mike gravitates towards tales of community spirit. His personal… Read more »

Project Green Screen


The movie industry used to be an exclusive party for an elite few. And although cheaper technology and an open-source mentality has wedged a foot in the door to Hollywood, getting any kind of recognition is still an uphill struggle. But a new project from badass filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is attempting to build bridges between… Read more »

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Andrea Kurland at HUCK HQ London

Huck celebrates and explores independent culture — people and movements that paddle against the flow. We publish news, profiles, interviews, reportage and photo essays across digital and print. We also commission original documentaries and films. How do I pitch a story? Get acquainted with Huck. We’re constantly on the lookout for inspiring stories from the counterculture frontlines –… Read more »