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Brexit Britain: You’ve been played

brexit bremain_07

We did it, Nigel Farage claimed, basking in his new dawn, ‘without a single bullet being fired’. Pedantically, he is correct; Jo Cox, a committed left-wing, pro-migrant internationalist MP was shot several times by Thomas Mair, a long-time fascist activist. A week, it seems, remains a long time in politics, even one book-ended by political… Read more »

Huck Photo Workshops: Documentary portraits round-up


Photography is a solo game. But here at Huck we prefer to play it as a team. Every image is a collaboration, between photographer, editor, art director and subject. And now, with Huck Photo Workshops, we’re adding you into the mix. Huck Photo Workshops are practical masterclasses led by award-winning Huck photographers that bring you… Read more »

Huck Photo Workshops


Here at Huck, we’re lucky to work with an amazing network of talented photographers whose personal work and storytelling style pushes boundaries every day. And then there’s you – our devoted readers – who also never fail to blow our minds with the images you make and share. Now, we’ve found a way to close… Read more »

Huck Photo Workshops: iPhone photography round-up

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The inaugural Huck Photo Workshop kicked off on May 27 with an evening masterclass led by award-winning photographer Daniella Zalcman. A multiple Pulitzer grantee, Daniella has perfected the art of iPhone photography and app-based post-production tools to create a multilayered aesthetic that she then applies to narrative photojournalism projects like her forthcoming book, Signs of… Read more »

Six reasons to not freak out about the future

Optimists Guide Banner_1_colour

Ed Gillespie and Mark Stevenson are both future ‘possiblists’, drawn together through their respective work in cultural change, as well as an inspirational and occasionally irascible belief in building a better tomorrow. In his best-selling book, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future, Mark Stevenson goes on a whirlwind journey through the future of technology and… Read more »

The London artists fighting anxiety and self-doubt


Before Bekke Popoola learned to team up with like-minded artists, she feared that her ideas and opinions wouldn’t be heard. The twenty-two-year-old artist grew up in Hackney at a time of great cultural diversity, but by the time she reached adulthood, it felt like there were few opportunities for young, black creatives in the area…. Read more »

The young photographers turning their solo journeys into a collective mission


“Despite boasting 7 billion people, our world has become small. We’re all connected in one way or another. Yet this doesn’t mean we’re more community oriented – so much technology often makes personal relationships feel distant. Photography, in particular, can be a lonely profession – between planning, travel, editing and pitching, much of the work… Read more »

Photographer Kevin Frayer is pushing beyond ‘otherness’ to show the real China

Kevin Frayer_2016 Sony World Photo Awards_Huck6

Kevin Frayer had to reach the roof of the world to understand what was driving him. An award-winning Canadian photojournalist, Frayer cut his teeth working for his hometown newspaper, The Winnipeg Sun, before graduating to The Associated Press in 2003 where he covered high-stakes stories across India and the Middle East. In 2013, he left… Read more »