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The Freaked Out Issue

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Our generation is no stranger to fear. It seems to linger ominously around every corner, casting a shadow on our backs. We’re force-fed fear by the gallon-load – from politicians’ lips and tabloid headlines to our own self-defeating inner-demons. Enemies, we’re told, are everywhere. Our future is riddled with insecurity. And our planet has been… Read more »

Photography from the margins that everyone should see


In the solitary pursuit that is photography, awards matter. And they matter today more than ever. For documentary photographers working on the frontlines, capturing stories of change before they pass, funding and exposure are unfortunate necessities of making it in the photojournalism game. But finding both, when you’re out in the field, can feel like… Read more »

John Baldessari’s advice for young artists

John Baldessari’s new London s

A cloud that is also a brain with a palm-tree seascape. Stills of guns from movies tiled around a close-up of a kiss. Three balls hovering, mid-air, in a perfect line. Men in suits with primary-coloured dots on their faces. A video in which the artist writes, ‘I will not make anymore boring art,’ over… Read more »

British rapper Akala on the virtues and limits of practicing what you preach


It’s just after 11:30 on a December Saturday night in Melbourne, Australia. Following the lead of Akala, the entire congregation of the packed-out Northcote Social Club are chanting “FUCK IT, I’VE HAD ENOUGH” over and over to help him kick-off his song ‘Sometimes’. It’s a track about realising the game of life is rigged, about… Read more »

Gender Stories: Adam Orbach is fighting for LGBTQ acceptance in Israel

Adam Orbach

“Being born in the West Bank settlement of Yakir, into a small community, it’s no surprise that everyone knows each other – we all knew each other’s business. People there are religious, it makes being different stand out. My family dress religiously, my mother only in skirts and long sleeves, hair covered. We kept Shabbat… Read more »

Kirkuk’s only metal band are defying ISIS in Iraq

Dark Phantom - Kirkuk Death Metal

The call to prayer rises over Kirkuk from hundreds of mosque minarets piercing the city’s skyline. Leaden thunderclouds hang oppressively low over the crumbling rooftops. Recent rains have flooded the streets with muddy water. The only bright spots on the horizon are the gas flares burning from oilfields on the outskirts of town. Somewhere in… Read more »

The Defiance Issue

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In this issue, we’re celebrating Defiance in all its raw, subversive glory – from acts of quiet dissent and open rebellion to people who defy conventions (and the expectations of others) to prove that there are endless ways to live your life. We’ll hear stories of renegades hellbent on change who aren’t afraid to ‘step… Read more »

Huck 53 – The Change Issue

Huck 53 - The Change Issue

At the beginning of this year, we set ourselves a mission: to follow the trajectory of a great idea as it evolves to become a great life. It felt like the natural next step – to go in search of a kind of indie culture manifesto. We’d spent the best part of a decade hearing… Read more »