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A portrait of life in South Africa’s ‘white-only’ squats


Plakkerskamp is a photo series that documents both the white squatter camps and white-only communities that have developed in South Africa. These images, taken around Pretoria and Johannesburg, represent a fraction of the estimated 450+ squatter camps in the country. I grew up, and still live, on the Isle of Man. I’m based and work out of Peel, a small fishing… Read more »

Thousands gather across the UK to protest Syria airstrikes


Yesterday afternoon, up to a thousand people gathered in Parliament Square to demonstrate against airstrikes launched in Syria over the weekend. During Saturday morning’s strike, coordinated between Britain, France and the US, 105 missiles were launched at three targets in what the government has referred to as “an effort to degrade the Syrian regime’s chemical… Read more »

At just 17, Ashima Shiraishi is climbing’s fastest-rising star


“I never really questioned whether I was weaker than the guys,” says Ashima Shiraishi, the five-foot-one, 17-year-old New Yorker who has often been called ‘the world’s most talented rock climber.’ “I always thought I had the same strength, and knew I was capable of showing what was possible.” The blunt-fringed teenager is speeding through the… Read more »

An outsider’s view on the American dream


Swiss photographer PierLuigi Macor travelled to the United States in 2011 with an image in mind – one that came from consuming photographs and movies ever since he was a teenager. Attracted to the countryside and rural landscapes, Macor spent five years traversing Montana, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, and Michigan to create Bowie, Texas, a lavish monograph… Read more »

Late night lullabies: Winding down with Skinny Pelembe


This week, Johannesburg-born and London-based artist Skinny Pelembe takes the decks for our Monday Mix series. The singer, who signed to Brownswood Recordings back in January, made waves earlier this month with his debut single “Spit / Swallow” – a splash of mellow pop-psychedelia laced with soulful guitar and soft hip-hop beats. It’s a combination… Read more »