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The legend of the East Village’s greatest photographer

Gary Indiana Veiled, 1981

Peter Hujar (1934–1987) is your favourite photographer’s photographer – a man who lived independently, crafting a life in downtown Manhattan that flourished between the Stonewall uprising of 1969 and the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. Inside his East Village loft, Hujar mastered his craft, pursuing the art without the burdens of commerce. Liberated from the… Read more »

Snapshots of teenage life in Bermuda


With its soft pink sands and still turquoise waters, Bermuda is about as close to paradise as you can get. The North Atlantic island, known locally as ‘The Rock’, is located over 1000 miles from the closest landfall – making it the perfect dreamy, far-flung escape. For Debra Friedman, this paradise became a home for… Read more »

Shooting the sidelines at Syria’s football cup final

Boys pose in front of a billboard featuring Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Shortly before they told me they love Russia.

In October, I photographed the Syrian Football Cup final in Damascus’s Tishreen Stadium, situated in one of the growing areas of the country controlled by the government. It was a Friday evening and the fans seemed somewhat incredulous: for years, crowds haven’t gathered for big events for fear of violence. Teams – when they did… Read more »

The sex zines you should be reading in 2018

© Anonymous Sex Journal / Ditto

Interest in the self-publishing industry has been rising over the last decade – and in 2018, that surge shows no signs slowing. As magazines across the world shut down and journalist’s budgets dwindle, more and more people are taking matters into their own hands: crafting zines that speak for friends, local communities, and marginalised voices…. Read more »

Capturing the spirit of London’s young Muslim women

000046980028 2

It’s never been a more exciting time for Muslim women. From the likes of OOMK, Amaliah to Azeema, London collectives are finally reclaiming and reflecting the lived experiences of Muslim women. While all have made much-needed strides in transforming the narrative, mainstream media representations of Muslim women still more often than not oscillate from one… Read more »

Dreamy portraits of America’s forgotten women farmers

Stonecrop Farm009

Hidden amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains, a subset of peaks and valleys that contribute to the mammoth eastern U.S. mountain system known as the Appalachians, lies the bustling town of Blacksburg, Virginia. With the famed research university Virginia Tech as its anchor, Blacksburg hums year-round with a diverse mix of student life and lifelong Virginians…. Read more »

The Manhood Academy where boys become men


Navigating adolescence is always tricky, but its challenges are particularly acute for young men growing up without fathers in neighbourhoods facing deprivation, violence and drugs, where positive male role models are in short supply. Aundrieux Sankofa, Davis Williams and six other men have stepped in to fill that gap, launching the Manhood Academy for boys… Read more »

Blue Planet director shares his tips on shooting nature

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 14.11.19

At the tail end of last year, Blue Planet hit the UK’s screens for its second season. The groundbreaking, lavishly-shot documentary series swiftly became the country’s most-watched TV show in 2017 – serving up gripping wildlife sequences and unseen footage from our ocean’s darkest corners. Much of this was thanks to the team, as well… Read more »

Vintage ’80s Polaroids of Amsterdam’s barflies

8. Ricky and Gigi at the transvestite bar Mdm Arthur

In spring 1979, Bettie Ringma and Marc H. Miller moved from New York’s Lower East Side to Amsterdam. The newly arrived couple had already become known on New York’s downtown art scene, taking “Paparazzi Self-Portraits” with the new Polaroid SX-70 instamatic camera, and giving the world a taste for instant gratification. In search of a… Read more »

It’s time to talk about how Britain treats its homeless


It’s early in 2018, yet it seems one trend is already taking hold in Windsor: the bold return of feudalism. Any wedding involves mind-melding amounts of preparation, but only a royal wedding could demand the clearing of homeless people from the streets to avoid the glances of the massed crowds landing on a huddled rough sleeper…. Read more »